Shanice Manley, who goes by artist name “Amari,” is a singer, songwriter and producer from Philadelphia. Amari has always had an affinity for music since she was a little girl. She began singing and taking piano lessons at the age of four, and started producing her own instrumental pieces at the age of fourteen. She was inspired by her grandmother who studied opera, and also performed in gospel choirs around the Philadelphia area. Her love for harmonies and experimenting with a diverse sonic palette keeps her focused in the studio. She enjoys the performing arts and draws her inspirations from many genres of music. She previously received musical training as a student on scholarship at Settlement Music School, and currently attends the Community College of Philadelphia. Read more...



There is something missing in the music industrytrue passion, originality and real singingbut there is one act that delivers this every time. Known as “The Bad Girls of R&B,” this all-lead singing trio features Dominque Nicole, Beyyond and D Day the Rappa. Aviance is a Philadelphia-based girl group with R&B allure, soulful voices, pop hooks and hip-hop swag; gaining new, loyal and dedicated fans wherever they go. The name “Aviance” comes from the word ambiance. They represent every meaning of the word as they create a special vibe when they enter a room. Aviance empower women to have self-love and self-respect through relatable topics in their diverse lineup of songs and anthems; all while keeping their music bright and fresh. Collectively, their talents are reminiscent of legendary R&B artists from the 90s, such as Jodeci, TLC and Mary J. Blige. Read more...



With credits on five albums since 2013, Hayley Cass has contributed to music of all genres and styles. She is most recently known as the lead singer of Red Martina. With Spring Garden Records, Hayley is showcasing her writing talent and stepping out as a solo artist. Her style mixes new-age influences with aspects from jazz, blues and soul. As a young student of music, Hayley studied piano under Ms. Suzanne Stanton (Eastman School of Music) in Warwick, NY as well as Kathryn Alicia Tate and Anne Sciolla (University of the Arts) for vocal performance. Currently, she is a student at the Community College of Philadelphia, where she will receive her Associate in Arts degree in Sound Recording and Music Technology. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University where she studied under Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber (published in The Journal of the National Association of Teachers of Singing). Read more...

fairmount string quartet


Described as “likable and warmhearted” by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Fairmount String Quartet has been active in the Philadelphia chamber music scene since 1984. Dedicated to bringing the intimacy and vitality of chamber music to diverse audiences, they make accessibility and education core parts of their mission. They are committed to performing works of historically under-performed composers in addition to works in the standard repertoire.  Read more...

Grander Lavail


Grander was raised in Philadelphia until the age of seven, when he moved to Maryland with his mother and younger brother. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for music and performing. He began playing the organ in church at the age of fifteen. His mother encouraged him to join his high school choir, which became his first real exposure to performing on a consistent basis. Outside of school, he became the lead singer of a band that performed at various events and showcases. The church atmosphere greatly influenced him as musician, however, he looked elsewhere for inspiration as a vocalist. He listened to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lauryn Hill and Donny Hathaway, who paved the way for the evolution of his personal artistry. After graduating high school, he moved back to Philadelphia in hopes of finding his way as an artist. He currently studies Music at Community College of Philadelphia. Read more...

June Rodriguez

June Rodriguez

June Rodriguez started his music career as a rapper in the 90's in the Bronx NY. He also learned a bit about production through friends who were DJs. It wasn't until years later that June discovered house music and his life was forever changed. He had a radio show on 91.3FM WXAC, Albright College's community radio station. Soon after, June began working in nightclubs and lounges from Washington DC to Philadelphia.  

After some great advice from some world renowned producers whom June befriended, he followed their advice to go to school to learn more about music production. This led him to the Sound Recording and Music Technology program at The Community College of Philadelphia.  Read More...

mad mon photo


Mad Mon! is Philadelphia-based hip hop and electronic music producer, Armani Ortiz.  Read more...



ManhattanSideProject is the solo work of David Klyman, a Philadelphia-based musician, audio engineer, and member of the Tiny Engines’ band Restorations.  Klyman has toured extensively for over 20 years and his first forays into production go way back to making “radio shows” on lo-fi mono cassette decks.  ManhattanSideProject is Klyman’s ever adapting vehicle for experimentation, combining analog and emerging digital technologies.


Mic Waters


Mic Waters is an aspiring producer from Philadelphia. At the age of nine, he began taking piano lessons at Settlement Music School. At age fourteen, he discovered a passion for songwriting and soon developed his talents as a singer. Mic decided to take his passion for music and create a name for himself while attending Community College of Philadelphia. As a Sound Recording and Music Technology major, he dedicates his time to learning all aspects of production in the classroom and with hands on experience in the studio. He will be introducing new projects with Spring Garden Records that will give his audience a taste of his versatility. Besides his own work, Mic is also managing other Philadelphia-based artists and assisting with their career development; his passion for education and sharing his knowledge drives him every day. He continues to take his skills to the next level and is always growing as a producer, songwriter and recording artist. Read more...