Latest Releases

June Rodriguez
June Rodriguez started his music career as a rapper in the 90's in the Bronx NY. He also learned a bit about production through friends who were DJs. It wasn't until years later that June discovered house music and his life was forever changed. He had a radio show on 91.3FM WXAC, Albright College's community radio station. Soon after, June began working in nightclubs and lounges from Washington DC to Philadelphia.   After some great advice from some world renowned producers whom June befriended, he followed their advice to go to school to learn more about music production. This led him to the Sound Recording and Music Technology program at The Community College of Philadelphia. 

Mad Mon!
Alone Time is the debut 5 track EP from Philly producer Mad Mon!  Alone Time showcases the producer's unique productions with tracks that sit equally alongside beatsmith electronic records and some of the finest hip hop productions out there.

Fairmount String Quartet
It’s hard to believe that Spoken with Strings is the debut release of Philadelphia-based Fairmount String Quartet.  The group has been active around the US since 1984, with extensive performances in the Philadelphia region. Spoken with Strings comprises nine carefully chosen and artfully arranged selections from the contemporary pop canon as interpreted by the singular brilliance of players Rachel Segal (vn), Leah Kim (vn), Beth Dzwil (va)and Mimi Morris-Kim (vc).  The album exemplifies the versatility of music pitting pop music in a traditional string quartet setting.  A prime example is the group’s rendition of Outkast’s Hey Ya, maintaining the energy of the original, while also expanding on the elegance and romance of the song.

Amari’s debut EP, That One, was the first release from Spring Garden Records in Fall of 2018.  The records showcased modern-thinking r&b productions alongside thoughtful lyrics, all from the creative mind of Shanice Manley (aka Amari).  Arguably one of the best tracks on the release was Nebula Reflection, a dark roller with dense vocal harmonies.  So Amari entrusted the stems of the record with four of Philadelphia’s finest producers.

ManhattanSideProject is the solo work of David Klyman, a Philadelphia-based musician, audio engineer, and member of the Tiny Engines’ band Restorations.  Klyman has toured extensively for over 20 years and his first forays into production go way back to making “radio shows” on lo-fi mono cassette decks.  ManhattanSideProject is Klyman’s ever adapting vehicle for experimentation, combining analog and emerging digital technologies.


Spring Garden Records follows up its debut release just three weeks later with Philadelphia-based R&B trio Aviance’s new full-length album It’s Aviance.

Aviance is the all female “Bad Girls of R&B”, Beyyond, Dominque Nicole and D-Day Da Rappa. It’s Aviance is the group’s second full-length album, but first with the new line-up; D-Day’s zany lyrics and rapping abilities have upped the dynamics and enhanced the group’s already energetic output.


Amari’s debut EP That One is also the first release on the newly minted Spring Garden Records. Amari is Shanice Manley: artist, producer and songwriter, Philadelphia born and raised.

Amari began singing and taking piano lessons at the age of four, and started producing her own instrumental productions at the age of fourteen. She was inspired by her grandmother who studied opera and performed in gospel choirs across the Philadelphia region. Her love for harmonies and experimenting with a diverse sonic palette keeps her focused in the studio. Amari previously received musical training as a student on scholarship at Settlement Music School, and studies piano performance and music production at the Community College of Philadelphia.