Latest Releases

Mad Mon!

Mad Mon! returns to Spring Garden Records with a #summer single for the changing Fall weather in "Reflection".  Garagey, two-step vibes kick things off, but the track takes a dark turn into techno 4x4.


HyDeph returns with a beat tape of sorts with luid pack, vol. 1. The tracks weave and drip into each other with a barage of boom bap beats intertwined with ambient lofi soundscapes.

June Rodriguez

June Rodriguez is back with another deep and dark roller for your late Summer nights, "Luminary".

Sean Danger Smith

Sean Danger Smith returns with 6 Foot 10, the first single from his forthcoming Spring Garden Records EP, and follow up to his much lauded 2021 album Sad Disco. 

Since the release of Sad Disco, Smith has been busy performing with a WXPN Free at Noon and countless Philadelphia-area shows under his belt. 6 Foot 10 is signature Smith: a poignant and abbreviated composition which one again finds the multi-talented vocalist and instrumentalist taking on various multitrack recording roles. 6 Foot 10 is also the first recording to be done in the label’s brand new state-of-the-art studio on Community

June Rodriguez

Philly@nite is the new single from Spring Garden Records' resident progressive house DJ and producer, June Rodriguez.

Hayley Cass

"You and Me" is the next single from Hayley Cass. Straddling the lines of pop and jazz, Cass continues to expand her musical palette.


a.m.bii's debut single for Spring Garden Records is a gem of a recording. The classical guitarist turned producer has cooked up a unique record in "Plead" which harkens back to 90's trip hop, while also sounding fresh with a funky bassline and modern day electronica elements. The vocals are also on point, and it's just absolutely essential 2022 listening.


It's a new single from HyDeph to celebrate 2/22/22! 

"Methylenedioxymethamphetamine ft. Mystic" is an instrumental growler with 8-bit synths and glitched out beats. "4People" features fellow Philadelphian Chazz on vocals. Off beat drums drive along with synth swells and stabs which create a dreamy atmosphere. Some of the strongest production we've heard from this prolific producer.

Hayley Cass

Philadelphia's Starkey (Deadbeats / NOREMIXES / Night Bass) dives back into his original production of Hayley Cass' "Conqueror", slowing down the tempo and stripping back the production.  The "Conqueror (Starkey Remix)" is full of epic synth washes, timpani and feels like it just dropped out of the closing credits of an epic film experience.  Essential listening.

Hayley Cass

"You're Not Mine" is the third single from Hayley Cass in anticipation of her debut album. The ballad features an outstanding cast of musicians, including fellow Spring Garden Records artists, The Mini Q's, supporting Cass' soaring vocals.

Ben O'Neill - guitar
Luke Carlos O'Reilly - keyboards / organ
Anwar Marshall - drums
Jon Smith - bass

Engineered by Zach Goldstein at Kawari Sound
Mixed and Mastered by Starkey at RBOS Audio