That One


Catalog: sgr001
Release Date:  November 9th, 2018


  1. That One
  2. Love Hate
  3. Hooked
  4. Little Heart
  5. Nebula Reflection
  6. Let Go


Amari’s debut EP That One is also the first release on the newly minted Spring Garden Records. Amari is Shanice Manley: artist, producer and songwriter, Philadelphia born and raised.

Amari began singing and taking piano lessons at the age of four, and started producing her own instrumental productions at the age of fourteen. She was inspired by her grandmother who studied opera and performed in gospel choirs across the Philadelphia region. Her love for harmonies and experimenting with a diverse sonic palette keeps her focused in the studio. Amari previously received musical training as a student on scholarship at Settlement Music School, and studies piano performance and music production at the Community College of Philadelphia.

That One accomplishes everything you could want from a debut release. Its depth, sophistication and genre-mashing showcases an artist that has a clear vision for her sound. The opening title track sets the tone with it’s reversed waves of synthesis and stacked vocal harmonies. “Love Hate” finds Amari contrasting vocal styles: intimacy meet megaphone. “Hooked” and “Little Heart” take the production and songwriting in a very different direction, but logical progression; non-traditional percussion drives both tracks. That One finishes with 4x4 stomper “Nebula Reflection” leading into the opus, nearly seven-minute, “Let Go”. As an introduction to the sound of Amari, That One , displays the depth and musical versatility as well as a profound facility for narrative storytelling and heartfelt emotion. 

Spring Garden Records is the official record label of the Community College of Philadelphia, providing a platform for the release of diverse genres of music created by students, alumni, members of the College community, and other Philadelphia artists engaging in the new sound of Philadelphia. 

All Songs Written by Shanice Manley, except Track 5 Shanice Manley & Joshua Legions

Produced by Amari and Starkey

Mixed by Starkey

Additional Production on Tracks 5 & 6 by Cranberry Juice Burgundy