Catalog: sgr008

Release Date: September 20th 2019



  1. Dereg [2:38]

  2. Depop [2:44]

  3. Decon [2:14]

  4. Degrad [2:36]

  5. Decomp [3:20]

  6. Desof [3:14]


ManhattanSideProject is the solo work of David Klyman, a Philadelphia-based musician, staff engineer at Retro City Studios, and member of the band Restorations (Tiny Engines, SideOneDummy). Klyman has toured extensively for over 20 years and his first forays into production go way back to making “radio shows” on lo-fi mono cassette decks. ManhattanSideProject is Klyman’s ever adapting vehicle for experimentation, combining analog and emerging digital technologies.

In February, 2019, ManhattanSideProject released two songs in the form of “Retro Days,” a two day exercise in hybrid recording. It featured traditional rock instrumentation processed mostly in the analog realm. In contrast, ​Desofisticate​ was concieved as a challenge to start and end entirely inside a computer. From percussion to brass, strings, voice, and sound design, everything heard on these recordings stems from software-based synthesis and sampling. When describing the process, Klyman writes, “as the project progressed, the challenge fell away, revealing just how vast the digital world has become.” ManhattanSideProject is only bound by the limits of Klyman's imagination; enjoy this journey into 0s & 1s.


All songs arranged by ManhattanSideProject (David Klyman)
Guest noise on Degradby Jon Loudon
Mixed by ManhattanSideProject at Mace Static Studios
Mastered by Starkey at RBOS Audio